Selling your Home : Our Plan

Phase One

Defining Success

Outline your objectives
Expectations, questions, and concerns
What is your motivation to sell?
What is your timeline to move?
Where are you moving?
What is most important for you?

Understanding the Market

Market Dynamics: Macro v. Micro
Market Forces: Supply and Demand
The Numbers: Trends and Metrics
Analysis of active, pending, and sold transactions
Personal timing and seasonal considerations

Strategic Planning and First Impressions

Discuss Improvements and alterations
Outline features and benefits
Determine key differentiators based on active inventory
Establish target market and buyer profile
Create profile-based buyer attraction strategy

Phase Two

Listing Details

Finalize documentation and contractual agreements
Complete property improvements
Engage staging consultant
Engage photography and media professional
Organize trusted advisor meeting
Define launch timeline

Marketing Preparations

Property launch collateral
Traditional advertising
Digital marketing plan
Social media strategy
Broker network exposure
Open house strategy
Direct mail and communication approach
International buyer strategy
Events and public relations

Phase Three

Introducing the Property

Launch the marketing plan
Create the perception of value
Attract and qualify potential buyers
Show the property
Monitor interest
Weekly reports, updates, and communication strategy
Respond to changes in the market place

Negotiating Strategies

Procure written offers
Qualify and analyze the merits of each offer
Negotiate to optimize price and terms
Multiple offer process and backup offer strategies

Phase Four

Escrow Process

Execute the contract
Complete disclosures
Meet deadlines and contingency periods
Fulfill duties and responsibilities


Transition from the property
Final documentations
Close and celebrate!

Working Together Again

Stay in touch and keep you informed
Second homes and investment properties
Provide resources
Feedback, testimonials and referrals

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